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Perched on a limestone hill into the fanciful small ridges of which it seems to coalesce, it rises with elegance above an exhilaratingly beautiful landscape where the canals connecting the Razim and Babadag lakes make up such a picturesque background. Shaped as a trapezium, featuring polygonal towers and five-to-ten-metre-high defensive walls, Enisala was built during the age of the Byzantine Empire, most probably in the 13th century.   

The French Institute’s Cinema Elvire Popesco (Bvd. Dacia 77, Bucharest) is home from 19 to 23 February 2020 to the Nordic Film Festival. After last year’s successful edition, this time round the festival shows 18 films from Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Iceland. Finding your perfect match who turns out a shock, choosing career over family, following your gift of clairvoyance, making a road trip with your transsexual father – these are some of the beautifully thought-provoking stories in the Festival’s multi-awarded films.     

The Bucharest Municipality Museum takes pleasure in hosting a special performance on Friday, 31 January, from 6.30pm, in its historic premises of Palatul Şuţu (Bvd. Ion C. Brătianu 2). Titled, “Passion and Love”, the show is a music-poetry “duel” performed by Albanian-born soprano Arlinda Morava, actor Marius Bodochi, the Bucharest Ladies Quintet and violist Iulian Bolog. Tickets cost 20 RON and can be purchased on the day.      

This body part is related to our sense of smell, the most sensitive and powerful in evoking memories: it’s nas (“nose”), a Latin-origin word in Romanian whose ancestor was nasus. It is the key word in a great deal of phrases and idiomatic expressions where the overall meaning has to do, somewhat surprisingly, not with smell, but with... audacity and nerve! Or even haughtiness and arrogance.  

This year the International Holocaust Remembrance Day commemorates 75 years since the liberation of the Auschwitz concentration camp. To mark the day, the Horia Bernea Studio cinema at the Romanian Peasant Museum (Şoseaua Pavel D. Kiseleff 3) will host, between 24 and 26 January, a series of film, animation and documentary screenings titled “Memory of the Holocaust”. See the full programme here.

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