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International House Bucharest via StudyRomanian has posted the third free Romanian class we have prepared for learners of Romanian (beginners). Watch it to learn how the verb “a face” (“to do”/”to make”) can be used to express routine activities. And subscribe to our channel to be the first to access future classes. Enjoy!

As online concerts are taking off more and more during this home confinement period, a live jazz session will be streamed on Facebook this Friday, 1 May, from 9.30pm Romanian time (EET/UTC+3). The evening’s special guest is musician Jack Randle, whose voice quality makes of him our modern-day Frank Sinatra.   

This is the answer key for the 10 Romanian grammar & vocabulary exercises posted on our blog on 15 April. 1 B; 2 (sample answer) fructuoasă; 3 A; 4 (sample answer) excelent; 5 C; 6 (sample answer) şine/ţine/mine (two syllables, ending in -ne); 7 B; 8 C; 9 D; 10 ieftin. We hope you did well, stay tuned for the next 10 exercises on 15 May!

Ioana Radu was born Eugenia (Jana) Braia into a family of sub-modest means that moved from Bucharest to Craiova, in the historical region of Oltenia (a land of notoriously strong-willed people), when she was an infant. Her father was the owner of a tavern called “La ieftenirea traiului” / “At life’s cheapening’s” (they had a peculiar sense of humour back in those days), and her mother – a seamstress.

International House Bucharest via StudyRomanian keeps on publishing short videos designed as mini lessons of Romanian. They’re freely available on our YouTube channel – just subscribe to follow them easily. Lesson 2 focuses on the verb “to have”, plus a few useful phrases to mention your age, and give basic information about your family. Enjoy!

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