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Our teaching method

The method International House has been using since its beginning and which makes us unique on the market, as providers of Romanian-as-a-Foreign-Language Courses, is based on the exclusive use of Romanian during the teaching process. Therefore, no intermediary language is used, which makes for a fast and extremely efficient way of learning.

The use of stimulating visuals and audio course materials also serves to permanently expose students to the language in its natural form.

Above all, International House emphasises the benefits of conversation, thus encouraging and challenging students to express themselves more, in order to become efficient and proficient language users in a short period of time.

Our goal is to make our students become better able to communicate fluently in everyday life, but we also adapt our courses to the specific needs of each individual student (e.g. specialised language in business, diplomacy etc.)

If you have any further questions about our courses, please don't hesitate to contact us at

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