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Integrating a foreign manager in the Romanian work environment can be accomplished naturally and effortlessly through two structured methods: a cross-cultural workshop, which can be approximately two days long, and/or a Romanian course, which is also a kind of cross-cultural workshop in itself, as beyond the vocabulary, phrases, grammar, communication exercises and conversation role plays (at the office, on the phone, in the taxi, at the restaurant, with the house owner, during official meetings etc.), every lesson of Romanian is an opportunity for the manager to discover other aspects of the Romanian lifestyle, which can help them in successfully completing their mandate.


The aim of the Cross-Cultural courses is to familiarise the foreign manager with the values, attitudes and behaviours specific to Romanians, so that the interaction with the Romanian employees, clients and partners is as meaningful as possible. The shortest workshop is two hours long and the longest is two days long.


  • Romanian traditions and customs, relevant for the business environment;

  • Essential moments in Romanian history; Politics before and after 1989;

  • Get to know our capital city: visiting The Village Museum and the Cotroceni Museum;

  • Get to know our cuisine: an insight into the traditional gastronomy;

  • Tourism in Romania: resorts and places to visit in our country;

  • Useful services regarding home and children’s education.

The course takes place either at the client’s head office, or at the IH Executive Center.

The courses are usually delivered to groups made up of the foreign manager and his or her family members.

If you have any further questions about the workshop, please don't hesitate to contact us at

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