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Mălăiești Chalet

Mălăiești Chalet is located in the northern of the Bucegi Mountains at an altitude of 1,720 metres and it offers shelter for tourists who want to hike in this area.

The climbing might be physically demanding, but it is very rewarding. You don`t need professional climbing equipment, just a pair of good shoes and a bit of craziness.

There are many paths that take you to Mălăiești; you can start either from Gura Diham or from Râșnov. The easiest and the shortest one is from Râșnov and it is marked with a blue stripe all the way. In about 3 - 4 hours you can reach the Chalet and its spectacular views! However, don’t forget to carry some water with you because you will find water only at Mălăiești and there the spring flows only for a few months starting the middle of June.

This is the last source of water that can be found in the forest.

From Diham, you can reach Mălăiești on two separate paths: the first one is through Glăjăriei valley, climbing back up to offer an impressive view at Poiana Izvoarele (Springs Meadow), marked with a blue cross and later with a blue stripe. The second path that takes you to Mălăiești is through Pichetul Roșu glade, marked with a red stripe and later with a red triangle. This path is not available during winter or early spring.

Once you get here the view is spectacular: rocky mountains all around you, horses playing in the meadows and sometimes, in the evening, you can see black goats or even bears. You can eat pretty well and cheap at the chalet: soups, main dishes and dessert. In the morning you can enjoy your coffee watching these spectacular views.

The highest and the most amazing peak you can reach from here is Bucșoiu, 2492 m. There are two paths that take you to Bucșoiu via Omu Peak: Poteca de vară (the summer path) and Hornul Mare (The big chimney) and one path directly: Brana Caprelor (the goats` path).

This year, because there was a lot of snow, Poteca de vara and Brana Caprelor were closed even at the beginning of June. So, the best way to reach the peak safely is to ask at Mălăiești which way is opened and accessible.

There you have it, these are the paths that take you to this amazing place. Grab your equipment and go to Mălăiești!


images: personal archive

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