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Autumn hikes

I`ve always loved autumn… Maybe because I was born in October, or simply because of its beauty: all those colors, blending together to spoil and delight our eyes, turning our surroundings into a sensational huge painting.

There are so many reasons to love autumn: misty mornings, cozy days, longer nights and beautiful hikes in the Carpathian Mountains. Of course, there is a plethora of places to go and take in the beauty of fall, but I will mention only three destinations: the Baiului, Bucegi and Ciucaș Mountains.

The Baiului Mountains are the most photogenic in the Prahova area. Once at the top, on route from Sinaia to Azuga, one can admire amazing views towards Bucegi, Ciucaș and Piatra Craiului. I was there three years ago in the summer and, from that moment on, I have wanted to go again in autumn. The maximum height is 1,923 meters (6,310 feet) at the Neamțu Peak. The trail is a little bit challenging at the beginning, but the scenery is fully worth the hike.

The Bucegi Mountains are mostly known for their unique natural rock monuments: Babele (The Old Ladies) and Sfinxul (The Sphinx). Some say that they were made by aliens and have supernatural powers, but that`s another story :). Besides the mysterious formations, one can reach the Omu Peak (2,505m) and Omu Chalet, the Caraiman Chalet or Caraiman Cross, a WW I memorial built in 1926 on the Caraiman Peak at 2,291 meters.

The Ciucaș Mountains are part of the Eastern Carpathians and best known for their unusual karsts formations, shaped over time by climate actions. The most impressive are: Tigăile Mari and Tigăile Mici, Turnul lui Goliat (Goliath’s tower), Babele la Sfat (The Gossiping Old Ladies) and Mâna Dracului (the Devil`s Hand).

It is true that autumn weather tends to be quite changeable, but hiking in this season can be better than hiking during the height of summer: there are quiet trails, a great variety of colors, the crunch of fallen leaves and fantastic autumnal sunsets to be enjoyed.

At the end of the day, autumn is not only the beautiful season of the year; it is all about family, friends, hikes and harvesting memories! :)

photos: personal archive

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