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Bucharest's Spring Festivals/2018

12-15 April: Spotlight

The fourth edition of Spotlight Bucharest International Light Festival will take place between the 12th and 15th of April. Six artists will transform the façade of the CEC Palace located at 13 Calea Victoriei through video mapping. The authors of the six finalist films come from Spain, Italy, Russia, Romania, Germany, and China.

Inspired by the celebration of 100 years since the Great Union of Romania, the theme of this year's video mapping screenings is "United We Shine". The participants' proposals focus on the concept of solidarity, the connections between people and cities, cultures and ethnicities by connecting history to technology, past to the future, and art to urban rhythm.

Spotlight Bucharest International Light Festival is one of Bucharest's events that attracts over 150,000 spectators every year. Dozens of art works, installations, and architectural lighting systems from Germany, Hungary, Slovakia, Finland, the Czech Republic, Poland, France, Austria and Romania transform emblematic buildings such as the Central University Library, the National Art Museum of Romania, Odeon Theater, National Military Circle or CEC Palace into magic lakes of shadows and colours.

The access to this event is free of charge. So you have no excuse now - will see you there!

11-13 May: Burger Fest

Burger Fest will bring its audience over 70 types of burgers, some cooked by traditional recipes, some surprising

and innovative. The number of participating restaurants has increased significantly since last year to 27 from across the country. You can enjoy hours of relaxation on the green grass of a former football stadium, where DJs will take care of the ambiance and many extra activities will also take place.

By the way, dogs are allowed and welcome!

The jury of the festival will nominate The Best Burger in a competition where all the restaurants in the festival are invited. This contest also includes a second category for amateur chefs, people who are convinced that they can offer a tasty and inspired dish.

Ugh, I'm hungry now...

18-19 May: Cobra Fest

The second edition of Cobra Festival will take place this spring at Fabrica and B52, both located at no. 50, 11 Iunie Street.

Cobra is an international music festival based on post-rock, instrumental and progressive rock, ambient and psychedelic styles. I could list the bands you'll see there, but this kind of festival won't ever bring you the most famous or mainstream of them. Let's try, though: Lost in Kiev, Sofia Sarri, Trysth, Brond, Emphasis, John Malkovitch, Ivatu, Orkid, 124C41 +, Mountains On My Back, XIX, Tragic and Nameless Day Ritual.

Ever heard of them? Told you. But I, personally, love post-rock, and Fabrica is a great place to enjoy live music and good beer, so Cobra deserves its place on the list of Bucharest’s spring festivals. So if you want to get a raw taste of Bucharest underground psych / post / alt rock scene, meet me there.

P.S.: Still not enough festivals for you? How about Jazz (in church) and rock (@ Control Club)? Find out more here.


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