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1,000 Reasons Why Cats Are Better than Dogs

I am not the first and will definitely not be the last to add another Dogs vs. Cats article in this never-ending debate. I will, however, try to express my own unbiased, unprejudiced, fair-minded point of view on the matter.

1. Cats use the litter box. Whether it is a warm, cold, sunny, rainy, stormy, end-of-the-world day, dog owners have to take “man’s best friend” out for a long walk at least two times a day. With a cat, it just cannot get simpler than… simply finding a box and filling it up with hygienic sand - the cat will know what to do with it next.

Done. War over. Cats win.

2. Have you ever tried to wash a dog in a bathtub? Unless it’s an iPhone-size Chihuahua, it’s going to be close to nightmare: water all over the place, loud barking, maybe a traumatized dog, in the end. Cats clean themselves. They always have this clean, soft, neat hair which doesn't smell at all. And when it does, it smells like roses and freedom.

3. Cats are autonomous. When you have to leave home for longer periods of time, just make sure they have enough water and food. They can handle all the rest. Besides, they sleep for 16 hours a day, so they won’t be missing you much. Now imagine leaving your puppy alone for two days... and finding your couch destroyed.

4. Cats are gracious. Suave. The way they move melts anyone. Their hypnotic eyes have the power to start wars. Thousands of years ago, cats were considered deities - it doesn’t hurt to keep them on our side, just in case.

Well, what category do you belong in? Meow.

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