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Happy Men’s Day!

In 2016, the president of Romania signed a decree establishing 19 November as the official Men’s Day. Celebrated in over 60 countries, this day is meant to focus public attention on men’s health, education, parenting role, etc. Some of the health issues include lower life expectancy than women’s (67 compared to 74), lack of appropriate psychological care (men’s suicide rate is three times higher than women’s), or gender-based discrimination.

According to the decree, Men’s Day should not be confused with Father’s Day. The latter is celebrated on the second Sunday of May. Just as Mother’s Day is celebrated on the first Sunday of May, while Women’s Day on the 8th of March. And if you're confused right now, imagine how I felt writing this. But then it makes sense in a way: not all men are fathers, and not all women – mothers. But each one of them can be celebrated on a day of their own. Hence, the four celebrations mentioned.

Men are known for their spirit of sacrifice. Their role in supporting families, their fight to protect communities and countries, as well as the strength they put into building modern society cannot be denied. Men’s Day is a great opportunity to show them how much they are appreciated. It is a day when people of all colors, sexual orientations, political views should work together to improve gender relations, equality and equity between males and females, and propose male role models to be followed.

In a world of contrasts, people could use more compassion towards each other. Radical modern feminism portrays men as guilty of all sins, from sexual minorities issues to traditional family issues, and opposite ideological views often degenerate into violent clashes between ordinary citizens and their own neighbors. Men’s Day holds the promise of addressing such issues in a calmer manner – by inviting everyone to dialogue.

Just as Women’s or Mother’s Day became an occasion to show the most important women in our lives how much they matter, the aim of Men’s Day and Father’s Day is to build stronger relationships between people. So make the most of it!

Picture credits:

“Prometheus Being Rescued by Hercules”, by Christian Griepenkerl (1878)

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