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Comana Natural Park

Only 40 kilometres away from Bucharest there’s a fairytale place called Comana - ideal to escape the crowded, suffocating city. At Comana you’ll find everything you need to relax, breathe some fresh air, eat well and do some sports.

The Comana Natural Reserve includes an adventure park, a garden of herbs and spices, a delta, lots of green areas, a monastery founded by Vlad Ţepeş (“Dracula”) in 1462, and an impressive manor full of history since Ţepeş times.

The adventure park has 10 trails for kids, adults, beginners and experienced adventurers, with affordable prices: 50 lei for three hours. Or you can choose to do some wall climbing for only 40 lei per hour.

If you’re not a climbing fan, you can go for a ride on the famous Orient Express Train and find out interesting stories about Comana. The first Orient Express Train was put into circulation on the 5th of June 1883 and it linked Paris to Constantinople via Comana. The main train stations were Nancy – Strasbourg – Munich – Vienna – Budapest – Szeged – Jimbolia – Timişoara – Caransebeş – Vârciorova – Craiova – Piatra Olt – Piteşti – Bucharest – Comana – Giurgiu – Smârda, a total of 2,627 km. From Smarda the passengers aboard crossed the Danube to Ruse in Bulgaria, whence they had to get on another train to Constantinople, Istanbul. After an 83-hour-and-30-minute ride, they’d reach their destination.

The Neajlov Delta around Comana ranks second in Romania by its biodiversity, after the Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve. It consists of 1,100 hectares of water, swamp, protected species of flora and fauna: white and yellow water lilies, white egrets, black storks, etc. You can choose to go by canoe, boat or a special ship built for shallow water.

At Comana you can also simply choose to walk around the place, admiring the garden of herbs and spices, the Bridge of Wishes, the Bridge of the Kiss, or rent a bike and go for a ride around the forest filled with the scent of linden trees and the buzz of bees, up to the Ornithological Observer.

And if you want to spend an entire day there, you definitely have to eat something. The manor “Casa Comana” welcomes you with a Greek-style restaurant offering fresh savoury dishes from the international, Romanian and Greek cuisine.

So, where are you going this weekend?

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