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Good work deserves good rewards: one more iStudy Award

Professionalism. Caring for the students. Keeping promises and meeting expectations. Smooth communication with the HR Departments of our client companies. Promptness. Customising, being flexible and adaptable. Openness. Creativity. Optimal response to the students’ specific needs and requests. Every class, every day, every new course we put into practice all of the above – always keeping in mind the challenge of making things better, ever better.

So whenever our work is acknowledged and rewarded we get confirmation of the fact that we have been on the right track in the mission we embraced: to offer an excellent educational experience to our students. Such recognition came up, for the second year consecutively, in August, when we were notified that International House Bucharest (IHB) received the iStudy Guide Teaching Excellence Award 2019/2020.

The iStudy Guide is a British initiative from Birmingham, part of the highly rated iGap Travel brand, which drafts every year a luxury guide that promotes world-class educational opportunities and institutions: graduate and postgraduate programmes, student campuses, language centres and courses, volunteering projects, accommodation options for international students. The Guide is published in digital and printed formats, distributed to 500,000 people and 250,000 subscribers worldwide, and it is available not only in libraries and universities, but also, thanks to iStudy’s partnership with Aspire & Swissport International, in 10,000 hotels, in airports and at international travel and education fairs.

The winner of an iStudy award gets a company profile in the Guide: an advertorial which ensures, given the figures mentioned, great global visibility. How can an institution secure this extraordinary benefit? The process of granting iStudy awards is very competitive: for 12 months, iStudy Guide contributors and readers are expected to make nominations for all the award categories, while a panel of iStudy jurors also researches worthy potential candidates. The final selection makes sure that only the most deserving firms and institutions are awarded the prizes, so that the iStudy Awards keep standing for high excellence in the education industry.

Here are, specifically, the IHB features found praiseworthy this year through the decision to grant us the iStudy Award for Teaching Excellence 2019/2020.

  • the team of IHB language teaching professionals offer a high quality and carefully considered curriculum to enhance student engagement and improve language learning

  • IH Bucharest offers high-quality professional services regarding both the content and structure of the course curriculum

  • IH Bucharest demonstrates the perfect combination of education and experience to provide students with an authentic setting to improve their language learning skills.

  • IHB adult and young students enjoy the first-rate facilities and teaching of a world-class educational institute

  • IHB excels in every educational aspect

Last but not least, according to the iStudy advertorial, “the judges are particularly impressed with IH Bucharest’s CELTA course which became available in May 2019 through its partnership with the University of Cambridge.” By organising this course, IHB has become one of the two centres authorised by Cambridge Assessment English to run the CELTA course in Romania. (CELTA is the most widely recognised 4-week intensive methodology course for teachers of English as a second language.)

The award which iStudy granted us makes us feel privileged and at the same time committed: it shows us that good work receives good reward, and that every bit of passion, responsibility and dedication invested in what we do is sure to bear fruit for the people who mean the most to us – our students. We will keep being their good guides throughout the learning process they have engaged in.

We would like to thank all our students, staff and managers for making this award possible!

teaching excellence award


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