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Hello winter – it`s good to have you back

Winter may be cold but there are so many ways to make it pleasant: a good book in front of the fireplace, snow, Christmas, New Year and mulled wine with cinnamon!

I know that the whole city becomes a tortuous labyrinth much more crowded than usual, full of people so irritable that they pick up a fight in a wink, but why don’t we just leave all that behind, and think about the beauty of this season, instead? Winter brings people together; it is all about love, connection, days off and holidays with family and friends, fresh cold air that fills your lungs when you open the front door, as well as new beginnings.

The city gets a whole new bright look: buildings and trees are adorned with Christmas lights, parks become winter wonderlands sprinkled with snow sculptures, ice-skating rinks get swarmed by happy people, Christmas fairs open up for merrymakers, smelling of mouth-watering, spirit-elating mulled wine with cinnamon, sponge cake and gingerbread…

Winter is definitely my favorite season! Snow covers everything, the magic of Christmas is in the air, and winter itself is like an old friend who reminds us at least once a year that we have to be kind.

Bucharest Christmas Market 2017 opens its doors on the 1st of December in the Constituției Square (Piața Constituției). The market includes Santa Claus’s house, a Romanian traditional food area, music and dancing performances, a carousel, a train, an ice-skating rink, a crafts area, and a humanitarian campaign called “Dăruiește, fii mai bun! Și tu poți fi Moș Crăciun!”

More details about the Bucharest Christmas Market at:


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