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Romanian open courses

„Happy learners are effective learners” – it’s the motto which guides the teachers at International House in preparing and teaching a lesson of Romanian language. Join now and find out how we motivate an expat to study our language and how we design a lesson which has this effect: “Cool, when is the next lesson?”

Romanian open courses are organised in groups of minimum 4, maximum 10 persons and take place in our school, Tineretului area.

The first two training sessions are FREE, so that you can decide if you like it! A training level can be completed in three modules, each of them consisting of 36 study hours.

Course date: May 2nd 2017 - July 20th 2017 (36 hours, 1h 30min/day)

Last day of registration: April 26th 2017

Our goal is to make our students become better able to communicate fluently in everyday life, but we also adapt our courses to the specific needs of each individual student (e.g. specialised language: business, diplomacy etc.)

If you have any further questions about these courses, please don't hesitate to contact us at

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