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Santa Claus is coming to town

Do you ever miss those cold winter mornings when the whole house smells of sweet bread (cozonac) and your friends call you to go out carolling? I close my eyes and I can feel that smell again… Do you ever want to be a child again, to go sleighing and snowballing all day long?

Well, I do! I really miss those wonderful times! I remember all the family preparations before Christmas: cooking the traditional Romanian cabbage rolls (sarmale), pork specialties like piftie, tobă, caltaboș and lebăr; grandmother heating up her old wood oven to bake the sweet bread filled with cocoa cream and ground walnuts; me and my little sister decorating the Christmas tree and the new clothes we had to wear on such a special day. :)

But most of all I miss my own sweet, candid belief in Santa Claus, all the ticklish excitement before falling asleep on Christmas Eve and the unbridled joy of the following day, when we discovered that Santa had indeed visited us, bringing the presents we’d asked him to.

So here’s a challenge for you all: this year let`s leave behind everything about adulthood, and instead tune into all that Christmas once used to be to us: carolling, snowballing, sleighing, laughing and KINDNESS! Let`s all believe in Santa again, and Santa will definitely come to town!

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