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Use It or Lose It (2): 10 Exercises to Practise Your Romanian

You keep practising, you keep learning. Your Romanian will stay in good shape with these 10 short exercises covering vocabulary and grammar. We hope you can fly through them! Ready?

1. Which word best fits in the gap?

“Fiţi amabilă, …… costă buchetul acesta?”

A. ce

B. cât

C. cum

D. care

2. Which Romanian verb starts with “a” and ends with “a”?

3. Which word is different in the group?

A. pe

B. deasupra

C. alături

D. peste

4. Which option fits in both gaps?

“George Enescu cânta … pian şi … vioară.”

A. la

B. de

C. din

5. Which Romanian word contains three non-consecutive Os?

6. Which option best fits in the gap?

“Petrache Poenaru este inventatorul ...... .”

A. stiloului

B. de stilou

C. lui stilou

7. Which word should be crossed out from this question?

“De ce nu m-ai anunţat că dacă vii în Bucureşti azi?”

8. Which reply does not match the line?

“Vă mulţumesc!”

A. Nu-i nimic.

B. Pentru nimic.

C. Pentru puţin.

9. Put the letters in the correct order to get the name of a vegetable:

a p ă c e

10. Which option best fits in the gap?

“Pentru examen …… recomandat să citim Tratat de anatomia omului, de V. Ranga.”

A. ne va

B. n-aveţi

C. ni s-a

D. să ni

International House Bucharest, through its Romanian Language Department, runs online and face-to-face Romanian courses and cultural integration workshops for foreigners living in Romania or interested in the country’s culture, language or history. For more information, click here. To enrol, contact And to follow our video series “Your Romanian Class”, subscribe to our YouTube channel.

Answer key

1 B; 2 (sample answer) a aştepta; 3 C; 4 A; 5 (sample answer) folositor; 6 A; 7 dacă; 8 A; 9 ceapă; 10 C

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