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Use It or Lose It (3): 10 Exercises to Practise Your Romanian

Keep practising to keep on learning. Your Romanian will stay in fair shape with these 10 more advanced-level exercises covering grammar, common errors, words and phrases. We hope you can fly through them! Here we go.

1. Which word does not fit in the group?

A. scaun

B. fotoliu

C. dulap

D. şezlong

2. Which Romanian word contains these three consecutive letters: -mpr-?

3. Which option best fits in the gap?

„La Bratislava am vizitat …… al transportului foarte interesant.”

A. un muzeu

B. muzeul

C. un muzeul

4. Unjumble the words to find the colours of an important national flag. Which country is it?







5. Which option is correct?

Am văzut câţiva …… în curtea şcolii.

A. copii

B. copiii

C. copile

D. copil

6. Can you correct this sentence?

„E o informaţie care nu ştiu ce să fac cu ea.”

7. Which word is different in the group?

A. pizza

B. supă

C. morcov

D. mămăligă

8. Which word is missing?

„El e colegul a …… soţie este din Anglia.”

9. Which option does not fit in the gap?

„Am văzut …… trei maşini parcate acolo.”

A. decât

B. doar

C. încă

10. Which word is misspelt?

A. mândru

B. mergînd

C. bineînţeles

D. reîntregire

International House Bucharest, through its Romanian Language Department, runs online and face-to-face Romanian courses and cultural integration workshops for foreigners living in Romania or interested in the country’s culture, language or history. For more information, click here. To enrol, contact And to follow our video series “Your Romanian Class”, subscribe to our YouTube channel.

Answer key

1 C; 2 (sample answer) impresionant; 3 A; 4 negru, galben, verde, alb, roşu, albastru – the colours of the national flag of South Africa; 5 A; 6 “E o informaţie cu care nu ştiu ce să fac”; 7 C; 8 cărui; 9 A; 10 B.

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