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Use It or Lose It (4): 10 Short Romanian-language Exercises

Ready for another shot of Romanian? This is snappy practise with 10 new exercises that will help you flex your Romanian muscle at an enjoyable pace. We hope you can fly through them! Steady, go!

1. Which option best fits in the gap?

„Uite cartea …… mi-a dat-o Ana pentru tine.”

A. ce

B. pe care

C. care

2. Which letters complete the word?

“Nu-mi place de Sofia. Vorbeşte răstit şi nu zâmbeşte niciodată. Mi se pare foarte

_ n _ _ p _ t _ _ ă.”

3. Which option best completes the sentence?

„Nu am numărul de telefon al . . . .”

A. această persoană

B. acestui persoane

C. acestei persoane

D. aceastăi persoană

4. Order the words to make up a question:

motiv | ce | fost | pentru | refuzat | a | ?

5. Which word is different in this group?

A. secretară

B. profesoară

C. doctoriţă

D. funcţionară

6. Can you complete the word with the missing letters?

„Trebuie neapărat să vezi documentarul ăsta! E foarte _ _ t _ _ _ s _ _ t!”

7. Which option best completes the gap?

„Ea este doamna . . . soţ e britanic.”

A. a cărui

B. al cărui

C. a cărei

D. al cărei

8. Which word is missing?

„ …… unde ai cumpărat cămaşa asta?”

9. Which option best fits in the gap?

„Prietenul …… i-am spus despre petrecere e plecat.”

A. care

B. la care

C. căruia

D. căreia

10. Put the letters in the correct order to get a Romanian adjective related to money:

p s u m c

International House Bucharest, through its Romanian Language Department, runs online and face-to-face Romanian courses and cultural integration workshops for foreigners living in Romania or interested in the country’s culture, language or history. For more information, click here. To enrol, contact romanian@ih.ro. And to follow our video series “Your Romanian Class”, subscribe to our YouTube channel.

Answer key

1 B; 2 antipatică; 3 C; 4 “Pentru ce motiv a fost refuzat?”; 5 C (different suffix); 6 interesant ; 7 D; 8 De; 9 C; 10 scump.

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