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I ❤ Apuseni - Day 2 – Bulbuci Waterfall

The weather in summer is difficult, and because rain had been forecast, we decided to spend the second day at home. But when your feet don`t want to get lazy you have to go.

We chose to walk through Boga, a holiday village located at the foot of the Bihor Mountains, between forests and cold springs, offering a relaxed atmosphere, but we ended up on a forest road heading to the Bulbuci Waterfall. :)

The trail goes on the forest road, crosses the Bulbuci Valley and after 100 metres turns left on a steep climb. The route descends on this valley to the base of a 20 metres high wall, located on the left, beyond the beautiful waterfall.

The Bulbuci Waterfall is 40 metres high and has three floors. The most spectacular floor is the last one, the water gushing down in a 20-metre drop. The other two floors are harder to reach.

The Oselu Valley presents a sector of gorges that take the form of a fence with an upward opening. Near the confluence with Boga is the Oselu Watterfall. It is the last of seven consecutive waterfalls in the Oselu Canyon, with an approximate length of 300 metres. It is very popular with those who go canoeing, being made up of several very strong waterfalls.

After this pleasant walk we returned home where a cauldron of beans and smoked pork leg (fasole cu ciolan) was waiting for us. :)

Photos: personal archive

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