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I ❤ Apuseni - Day 1 - The Lost World

I have longed for spending a few days in the Apuseni Mountains for too long. Last year we visited this area called Boga – Padiș and were really impressed by the numerous hiking trails that exist there. We said that it is a real paradise for hikers! :)

The area is really impressive, the largest karst surface in the country. In Padiș you can find everything for your taste: from caves, gorges, canyons, rock walls to large silent meadows, isolated glades, cold springs and old forests.

When planning our holiday for this year, the place was chosen unanimously: the Apuseni mountains - Padiș. And to begin with a real adventure, the first day we went hiking on the route called “The Lost World” (Lumea Pierdută). It is a magic place with old forests that look untouched for thousands of years with isolated sunny glades, full of caves and sinkholes.

We started the hike on the path marked with a yellow cross that goes leftwards. The sun accompanied us through that beautiful forest making the view more amazing, and with every step we made we were waiting for something to happen: to see something magic, a unicorn maybe, or to find a lost world with friendly dwarfs.

After one hour we reached the south tail of the Ponor Meadow called the Bear`s Meadow (Poiana Ursului). The Lost World (Lumea Pierdută) is located 10-15 minutes from there, with its sinkholes: the Covered Sinkhole (Avenul Acoperit) which looks more like a cave, the Pionierilor Sinkhole (Avenul Pionierilor), the Black Sinkhole (Avenul Negru) and the Twin Sinkhole (Avenul Gemănata). Those vertical caves can be visited only if you are a speleologist or you have special training.

That morning, after we had parked our car at Padiș, we passed by a small green house from where the smell of pies hit us that hard that we thought about them all day. Of course, around 2.00 p.m., when we returned from our hike, rushed away by an unexpected summer rain, we went directly to the green house and we ate the best cheese pies ever! The lady was very nice and friendly, and impressed us with their simple life: three months each year they were going to live there, taking care of their animals, making pies, sweets and natural syrup for tourists.

We should all appreciate simple and small things and learn from these people how to live happily with what we`ve got! Always bear in mind Tao Te Ching`s words “He who knows he has enough is rich”.

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