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Premiering the Complete DELTA Course in Romania

IH Bucharest at the forefront of professional development for teachers of English as a Foreign Language

Why do we pursue higher degrees in our education and training? What makes us seek, beyond the sufficient standard certification, further, more advanced qualifications? Aiming high(er) is probably a matter of self-esteem, status and prestige. But with that kind of aspirational self-positioning more promising career prospects come – and, alongside them, higher income, too. Hence, there is (or there should be) a direct connection between higher degrees and more satisfactory remuneration conducive to better quality of life and a stronger sense of self-fulfilment.

A Romania-based English teacher aspiring to do a higher degree in TESOL (teaching English to speakers of other languges) would probably set out to do a DELTA (Diploma in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages). S/he would most likely look into options of accredited centres where s/he can take the DELTA course and s/he would find out that... no such centre provides all of the course’s three Modules in Romania. That teacher would consequently be forced to look for DELTA course opportunities elsewhere, in neighbouring countries – and pay the implicit additional costs (transport, accommodation, living expenses).

That was, until very recently, the situation of prospective DELTA candidates based in Romania. As of June 2020, however, International House Bucharest has become the first – and currently the only – approved centre which offers all the three DELTA modules in Romania (premiering Module 2, which has not been available at all here, up to now). That way IH Bucharest has joined the “higher league” of teacher training centres accredited by Cambridge Assessment English to run this higher degree TESOL programme. Put differently, IH Bucharest has become part of an elite of just 85 DELTA-accredited centres in the world – making it possible for teachers of English working in our country to enrol on the programme locally, from now on.

What exactly does IH Bucharest’s teacher training centre have to offer in terms of DELTA?

  • the possibility to complete all of its three modules in Romania without turning to alternative solutions in other countries: Module 1 (Understanding Language, Methodology and Resources for Teaching), Module 2 (Developing Professional Practice) and Module 3 (with Option 1 - Extending Practice and ELT Specialism, and Option 2 - English Language Teaching Management)

  • the option to do their DELTA online, onsite and/or through blended learning with highly competent and experienced trainers from a network like International House, which is world-famous for its quality forward-thinking training initiatives, and in a richly resourced centre like IH Bucharest, which is a market leader in language teaching in Romania

  • the opportunity to maximise their career prospects at convenient prices: the Diploma issued on completion of all the three Modules is the highest TESOL qualification available, opening up avenues for promotion to positions like Director of Studies or Head of Teacher Training - while the overall costs of doing the DELTA locally are relatively low, compared to the expenses required when done abroad

Teachers of English based in Romania, whether they are locals or foreigners working here, are thus kindly encouraged to seize the chance offered them by IH Bucharest to obtain, in their very country of residence, a Master’s-level qualification which paves their way not only to becoming exceptionally good teachers, but also to reaching middle management positions in professional, performance-driven language centres.

International House Bucharest runs regular CELTA and DELTA courses for teachers of English at its Teacher Training Centre, as well as training events online, onsite or at partner locations. To sign up for a course or event, contact

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