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Use It or Lose It (1): 10 Exercises to Practise Your Romanian

No practice, no learning. To keep your Romanian in good shape, here are 10 short exercises for you, covering both grammar and vocabulary (words and phrases). We hope you can fly through them! Ready?

1. Which word best fits in the gap?

“Pa, ...... vedem mai târziu!”

A. nouă

B. ne

C. ni

D. noi

2. Which Romanian word contains these consecutive letters:


3. Which word best fits in the gap?

“Cum se ...... hurry în română?”

A. spune

B. spuneţi

C. spună

D. spui

4. Which Romanian word contains three non-consecutive "e"s?

5. Which word best fits in the gap?

“...... amabil, unde este Hotel Capitol?”

A. Eşti

B. Fie

C. Fiţi

D. Este

6. What do you think is the next word in the group? Why?





7. Which option best fits in the gap?

“Vă sun pentru ...... rezultatul testului.”

A. să vă anunţ

B. a vă anunţa

C. a anunţe

D. anunţarea

8. Which word is different in the group?

A. pe

B. deasupra

C. alături

D. peste

9. Which option best fits in the gap?

“Fratele ...... este inginer.”

A. de Ion

B. Ionului

C. la Ion

D. lui Ion

10. Put the letters in the correct order to get a common Romanian adjective:

f n i t e i

International House Bucharest, through its Romanian Language Department, runs online Romanian courses and cultural integration workshops for foreigners living in Romania or interested in the country’s culture, language or history. For more information, click here. To enrol, contact And to follow our video series “Your Romanian Class”, subscribe to our YouTube channel.


1 B

2 (sample answer) fructuoasă

3 A

4 (sample answer) excelent

5 C

6 (sample answer) şine/ţine/mine (two syllables, ending in -ne)

7 B

8 C

9 D

10 ieftin

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