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Why you should go hiking in winter

Is there anything more breathtaking than the visual feast of a snow-clad mountain? All those places once teeming with people taking selfies are now less crowded, shelters are empty, and there are no bugs, no bears, no rain or thunders. It is so quiet, you can actually hear the silence!

Winter is the ideal time to take advantage of the beautiful snow-covered trails. Just go out there for a short hike and enjoy the solitude. It is a good opportunity for reflection.

Snow changes your favorite routes and turns places you`ve been to before into authentic winter wonderlands. Instead of wild flowers, you can now admire frost flowers everywhere: on the trees, on the rocks; instead of green meadows, you will be surrounded by white expanses of snow.

Mountains during winter pose new challenges in terms of skills; wintertime requires a different type of performance than summertime, as well as agility in orientation, because even the paths are covered in snow and the days are shorter. So if you are an adventurer, you’ll love this extra thrill about hibernal hiking.

And most importantly: wear proper warm clothes, proper shoes, stay hydrated and you’ll be just as comfortable during winter as you would on an autumn day!

photos: personal archive

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